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GGN Game Studios LLC is an independent video game company that focuses on bringing the best quality video games. With that small team feel, high detail look, and the best stoires possible aimed to make you feel in a whole new world. We hire only the best and most professional employee's for making our games the very best we can.

BrotherHood is a Story based First Person Shooter set in the time of World War II. The game follows the story of three brothers named Paul, Henry, and Martin Oswald. Paul is a 21 year old man who is in the 29th Infantry and second oldest of the brothers. Along with his best friend Kenny they fight in the battles of D-Day and St. Lo. Henry who is the youngest of the three brothers at 19 is a Paratrooper in E Company of the 101st Airborne. Henry follows the tales of the famed Easy Company from their training at Camp Toccoa to the End of the war in Austria. Last of the three brothers and the eldest is Martin who is 23. Martin had gone back to Germany where the family is from to join the Nazi’s to attempt to take out Hitler as a self-proclaimed spy. He is a member of the German 352nd Infantry Division, fighting in Normandy, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. You play as each brother in these famous battles. Using the power of the Unreal Engine 4, this game is brought to life with the most realistic experience possible. Learn the stories of the men they fight side by side with and the story of these three young warriors in the greatest war in history.

Latest News

April 30, 2015
Developer Diary #5
Check out our latest developer diary packed full of GGN and BrotherHood news, along with some cool things to come soon!

April 18, 2015
New BrotherHood Site
Head on over and check out or new website for BrotherHood! Fully loaded with the newest information and screenshots of our upcoming title BrotherHood.

March 04, 2015
GGN Podcast Released
This week we released our first episode of the GGN Podcast! The podcast is available on iTunes and Podbean.

June 23, 2014
BrotherHood Announcement
Today we announce our new title, BrotherHood. Head over to our forums to read the full press release on the game or click below.