About Us

About GGN Game Studios
GGN Game Studios LLC is a company dedicated to making the very best Indie Games of this generation for the gamers of the world. It was founded in July 2013 by Austin Haley and Liz Maddox. We have employees in countries ranging from the United States, to United Kingdom & Europe, and even Australia, and many countries in-between. We have a number of groups, including East and West America, the UK, Europe, and Australia. So you can get in touch with us through which ever office is closest to you, via email or phone. Our employees are relatively young in age, all of whom are dedicated gamers themselves, and they have what it takes to make an outstanding game, as they know exactly what people want. As they too want great games without all the extra things that make big games today the matter of hate filled comments. The games we plan to make will be of a brilliant quality, with Tales of Mythica being an epic RPG game, in which the player will be fully immersed in a medieval battle to save the world from an undead king, and BrotherHood; a story driven FPS based on the point of views of the US 101st Airborne’s famed “Easy” Company better known to most people as “The Band of Brothers”, the US 29th Infantry made famous for their assault of Omaha Beach in the first wave of the D-Day Landings, and the German 352nd Infantry Division who saw action across Europe during World War II. We hold all our titles to the highest standard possible and we promise to always listen to what the consumer wants and wishes for in our titles and ideas for future titles. If you have suggestions or game ideas you want us to make, feel free to submit them through our contact page!
The GGN Goal
When GGN studios was founded we had, and still have the goals, of providing Triple-A quality, and well written stories for every game that passes through our studio. We aim to make, and keep a community of like-minded gamers, who can share new ideas, and give opinions on the direction of current projects. In order to accomplish all of this we look for people who share in goals, and ideas while bringing in their own ideas and goals to our team of developers.