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We Here at GGN take great pride in our games and projects. It is our goal to always bring you the highest quality we can and create a fun and wholesome experience for gamers of all ages. We keep a keen eye to detail, make sure realistic games are kept to facts over just saying "good enough", and in the fake reality's we make make sure you feel as though you are really part of it. Above all else we listen to you, the fans and community of gamers. We take all the feedback, good and bad to heart and make sure issues or things a large amount of you dislike or love is addressed swiftly and correctly. Below you can read about our current, past, and present projects. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer you the gamers and continue to support us in projects to come.

Current Projects

BrotherHood - A Story Based WWII Shooter
BrotherHood is a Story based First Person Shooter set in the time of World War II. The game follows the story of three brothers named Paul, Henry, and Martin Oswald. Paul is a 21 year old man who is in the 29th Infantry and second oldest of the brothers. Along with his best friend Kenny they fight in the battles of D-Day and St. Lo. Henry who is the youngest of the three brothers at 19 is a Paratrooper in E Company of the 101st Airborne. Henry follows the tales of the famed Easy Company from their training at Camp Toccoa to the End of the war in Austria. Last of the three brothers and the eldest is Martin who is 23. Martin had gone back to Germany where the family is from to join the Nazi’s to attempt to take out Hitler as a self-proclaimed spy. He is a member of the German 352nd Infantry Division, fighting in Normandy, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. You play as each brother in these famous battles. Using the power of the Unreal Engine 4, this game is brought to life with the most realistic experience possible. Learn the stories of the men they fight side by side with and the story of these three young warriors in the greatest war in history.

The Story of BrotherHood is one of three brothers from a German family that immigrated to the United States in 1920 after the first Great War that father Kurt fought in. After arriving to the Unites States Kurt and Maria Oswald along with their 1 year old son bought a nice home in Roanoke, Virginia where shortly after moving Maria gave birth to their second child Paul. As the boys grew older they had a third child Henry and later on daughter Lisa. The six of them lived happily and had survived the Great Depression thanks to father Kurt’s steady job at the railroad as a manager. In 1938, the eldest son Martin sensed that Hitler’s rise of power in his home country of Germany was not for the best as everyone there claimed. He decided to take it upon himself to stop this man from taking complete control and in November of 1938, he decided he was going to move back to Germany to join the Army in the attempt to gather information on the Nazi’s plans if a war was to break out in Europe once again and give them to the Allied countries to aid them in the war. His father Kurt and Mother Maria hated this idea and begged him to not go. This was in vain however, and Martin left the United States for Germany in January 1939. He would write the family when he could and pass along messages for them to give to the OSS, but none ever reached the OSS as they were not keen on getting involved in the outbreak of war in Europe. On December 7th, 1941; the day that would live in infamy and got the United States involved in the war at last was the turning point for this German-American family that opposed war. Martin’s letters home soon stopped, now that the United States had entered the war. Paul rushed to the recruiting station to enlist in the army to much objection from his Mother, Father and Girlfriend Mary. He joined with his best friend Kenneth Porter, whom he and gone to school with and the two were assigned to Fort Benning for basic training. When they graduated training, they were assigned to the mostly Roanoke Division of the Army, known as the 29th Infantry. Paul graduated at the rank of Staff Sergeant and Kenny the rank of Corporal and together with their fellow infantry men would take part in great battles including; D-Day, and the Battle for St. Lo. Upon returning home on leave, Paul asked Mary to marry him when the war was over and she happily said yes, as long as he came home to her in one piece. As Henry turned 19 in 1941, he too enlisted in the Army from much argument from his girlfriend Nancy. However, he volunteered for the Airborne Division instead of the path his brother took which was Infantry. He didn’t do this for the extra $50 a month, but for the thrill of jumping out of a plane. Later that year he would graduate in the legendary class of 101st Airborne troops, in the famed E “Easy” Company who were in some of the greatest battles and places including; D-Day, Operation Market Garden, and The Battle of the Bulge. While his younger brothers were off joining the American Army, Martin was off fighting with the German Army in Poland where he saw some of the worst acts of the 3rd Reich first hand. However, not being able to stay in touch with his family was taking a toll on Martin. He was finding a war-bond brotherhood with the men around him, which often made him forget his true purpose for being there to begin with. This is where our story begins, in June 1942. World War II is in full swing, Henry is about to ship out for Basic Training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia. Paul is enjoying one last pass home before his deployment to England. And Martin is in Warsaw, Poland with the 352nd German Infantry Division doing his last patrols in Poland before his Division is reassigned to the German line of defense known as the Atlantic Wall. In a part of France Hitler saw as no importance to the where about of the Allied Invasion, other than to fill a gap in his proclaimed “impenetrable wall”. A section of France known as, Normandy.

Tales of Mythica: Assertion - A Fantasy RPG
In a World long ravaged by war and terror, the battle of the ages is about to begin. As the Undead, controlled by a malevolent Overlord, arise to take civilization by force, you will be thrown into an epic battle set to determine the fate all you've ever known. The Tales of Mythica: Assertion represents the first instalment of a modern epic guaranteed to engross the player in a gripping tale of vengeance and glory as the legions of heaven and hell converge upon the world to fight the greatest battle time has ever known, one to shape the land, the people and the gods forever after.

As The World begins to crumble, and even the greatest warriors begin to fall, a new hero emerges to determine the fate of all that has ever been. That hero... Is You. With five different playable races, countless possible character builds, numerous guilds to help you hone your skills and many more customization options, you will create a character as unique as you are. You will encounter many awe-inspiring, horrifying, deadly enemies throughout your adventure, engaging in hundreds of quests, each with numerous possible outcomes, as you choose between the glory of the heavens or a sinful indulgence in evil; fate is your plaything in the world of Mythica.
Important Notice!
Tales of Mythica: Assertion will be delayed by about 1 year. We are taking all the feedback we have gotten from everyone and we are going back to the drawing board to change things so it will be not as costly to us and incorporate the changes you the community have requested. However, In the meantime we will be continuing writing quests, stories, and gathering the things we need to make Assertion by the end of 2017! Also, we will be working on 2 other projects. Smaller in size and more in demand as we can see RPG Games are not popular at this time. More information on these new projects can be found on our website: www.ggngamestudios.com in the coming months. We do hope that you will enjoy these projects, and you will still be able to except the quality of stories and effort we pride ourselves in these. If you have signed up for the PAX Alpha, your key will carry over to next fall when we hope to have Assertions Alpha run. We appreciate your ongoing support, and hope you understand why we must delay this game. No one is more upset about this delay as we at GGN are, but we hope to make it up to you by making Assertion the BEST RPG Game ever made when our funding is found for it., as this project will take a lot more than most indie projects. Once again, we are sorry for having to take this step and hope you stick around for when Assertion comes out in 2017!